5 Web Fests That You Need to Know About

5 Web Fests That You Need to Know About

Written by: Catherine Satcher

5. Austin WebFest

Dates: June 26-28


Austin WebFest kicked off their inaugural festival a  few days ago. Congrats to all of our friends over in Austin on your first web fest! The Austin WebFest is the first web series festival in the state of Texas. This new festival provides a venue for international film artists to compete against one another in a friendly atmosphere, while showcasing their web series.

4.  Melbourne WebFest

Dates: July 18-20


If you want to take your web series down under, Melbourne WebFest is the place to go. MWF is the first international web series festival in Australia. It aims to recognize web series creators and educate the community about the emerging trends of online media and its role in entertainment. This fantastic festival has it all: an opening night gala, professional workshops, screenings, Q&As and more.

3. DC WebFest

Dates: N/A


In its second year, DC Web Fest aims to highlight the best of the best across a number of different genres. DC WebFest recently expanded their submissions beyond web series to include various forms of digital media, such as social media, gaming, robotics, and app development. This is the first festival that concentrates on future technology and entrepreneurship. DC WebFest is currently accepting submissions.

2. Miami WebFest

Dates: October 2-5


If you’re ready to turn up the heat grab your sunscreen and venture over to Miami Web Fest. MWF will feature screenings, speakers, workshops, and panel discussions. The mission of the Miami WebFest is to be the ideal exposition for web series’ throughout the world, offering web series creators a number of unique and interesting networking and exposure opportunities. This festival is currently accepting submissions. Congrats to all of the creators that made the cut for their First Round of Official Selections.


 Dates: October 24-26


And of course you need to know about ATL WEBFEST. AWF is the premier web series awards and festival in the Southeast. We are an interactive festival designed to connect the film, business, and technology communities in a way that will spark new ideas and showcase the talent and innovation that the southeast has to offer. Whether you’re an established web series producer, or an aspiring filmmaker looking to jump into the digital space—ATL WEBFEST is for you! With AWF you can learn about the latest products and tools to launch your online show, or connect with professionals who will share their insights and business strategies to help you increase viewership, engagement and generate revenue from your work. The possibilities with ATL WEBFEST are endless.

Our regular submissions are now open until Sept 8th.