5 Award-Winning Web Series You Need to Know About

5 Award-Winning Web Series You Need to Know About

Written by: Catherine Satcher

5. #SamoKazem/#JustSaying


About: A drama web series designed by Serbian creators, Jelena Gavrilovic, Boris Miljkovic, Radovan Kupres, Milica Zebeljan, Djordje Markovic, Ivana Antic and Kosta Glusica.The series illustrates the findings of a research project between a number of different teenagers coming from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Kosovo. Their results surrounded the problems of today’s societies as they reflect in the minds and hearts of the youth. The series encourages young people to extend beyond issues of the past while also inspiring them to overcome prejudices and differences.


4. Libres


About: Created by Alex Rodrigo, this web series follows seven young people as they leave the city to start a new life in a deserted village. They will have to analyze and rethink some paradigms of human beings: hierarchies, sustainability, etc. In spite of their good energy, this wont be an easy task.

Watch: http://www.libreslaserie.com/cap%C3%ADtulo-uno.html

3. Hustling


About: Hustling topped everyone with 9 nominations at this years Indie Series Awards. Ryan Crosby (Rod Driver) is a 40 year old sex worker who realizes he wants change. The series explores his passion for the culinary arts, starring Sebastian La Cause, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Stephen Guarino, Brent Barrett and Gerald McCullouch. The 8 part series was created by first-time director and producer Sebastian La Cause.

Watch: http://www.hustling.tv/#!episodes/vstc1=season-one


2. The Fuzz


About: When a string of violent, drug-related crimes rock the seedy Puppet Town neighborhood, Herbie, a puppet cop, must work together with his hapless human partner Sanchez to track down the dangerous puppet drug dealer Rainbow Brown. This web series is produced by Matt Achterberg, Duncan Skiles, and Jon Watts.

Watch: https://screen.yahoo.com/gangs-puppet-town-welcome-puppet-030000357.html


1. Polaris


About: Created by Emma Peterson. Milo is a scientist working for the Galaxis Corporation on a lonely space station in the middle of nowhere, with only the station’s artificial intelligence, Donna, for company. When the station is struck by debris and sent drifting into deeper space, damaged irreparably and without communications, Milo loses hope of ever being rescued. Everything changes when an unexpected starship appears, its crew having run into some trouble of their own.

Watch: http://vimeo.com/90283300

Keep your eyes out for this one. It has not yet been released publicly.