ATL WEBFEST Kicks of 2014 Tweet Chat Series

ATL WEBFEST Kicks of 2014 Tweet Chat Series

Last week we hosted our first Tweet Chat of the year with  Glenn Woods,  who led us in conversation regarding social media and content strategy. Glenn Woods (@iamgwoods) is a dynamic Social Media Editor and Content Strategist for Radio One. At the start of our chat, Glenn provided us with a great explanation of content marketing defining it as, “…a marketing technique aimed at distributing content with the objective of driving action.” Glenn was able to answer a number of questions for web series creators, fanatics, and actors alike. HERE are just a few!

Q: What tools do you use to get your ‘story’ out to your audience? What’s in your toolkit?

A:  includes a lot of ideation. I help my team spark ideas as well as give advice on how to get more people to see our work

Q: Everybody wants to go “viral.” Be the next Jimmy Kimmel twerk video. Is there a secret to achieving viral success?

A: “secret” – no. People love positive content over negative. But content that evokes emotions trigger “viralness”


A:  if you do decide, go with . ROI has been GREAT in my efforts for reach.

Check out the rest of our conversation using #awfchat.


For those of you looking for information regarding crowd funding, hold on tight because tonight at 9 PM EST Albin Bajramovic (@AlbinBajramovic) will answer your questions as we continue our Tweet Chat series.

Albin stands passionate in his beliefs that entrepreneurs today have the necessary tools to make their funds meet.

“We are uncomfortably transparent but obsessively kind and respectful. We are lifelong learners, educators, and instigators. But above all, we are doers!”- FundCaster

Check out FundCaster for more details on how they can help you evaluate and improve your chance of running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you tonight as we tackle crowdfunding. Be there. #awfchat