#AWFchat with Award Winning Director, Writer and Cinematographer @VincentPeone

#AWFchat with Award Winning Director, Writer and Cinematographer @VincentPeone

Written by: Catherine Satcher

Award winning director, writer and cinematographer, Vincent Peone joined us for another exciting Tweet Chat earlier this week. Vincent was a founding team member of  CollegeHumor’s original content team and is currently developing a TV show with Comedy Central.

Vincent attributes his journey into filmmaking as an alternative option to giving up on his dream of being a time traveler. 

Let’s dive into a few highlights from Vincent’s chat.

Q: We might as well get to the question on everyone’s minds… How did you get from film to @CollegeHumor? #AWFchat

‪A: Well, it began w my sketch group, ‪@DutchWest‬‬ many years ago- w pals ‪@samreich‬‬,@elainasaurus‬‬ , and ‪@joshruben‬‬ ‪#AWFchat‬‬. This was a time when CH was just a baby. They liked the vids we were making and asked us to make vids for them! ‪#AWFchat‬‬


Q:The three ingredients to make a successful viral video in your book?

‪A:  In no particular order: Relevance, timing, and execution. ‪#AWFchat‬‬


Q: How do you know when you have a hit on your hands? Before your work hits the web, how do you know that you hit the funny bone? Or the client’s sweet spot?

‪A: @ATLWEBFEST‬ If you can separate yourself and you still <3 it, you win. Knowing yourself is one thing, knowing everyone else is another


Q: Branding Tips From Vincent Peone and College Humor?

A: You need to let people know what they’re in for, in as few words as possible without over=promising. It’s an art!


Q: How vital is the video’s title & thumbnail? Don’t wanna be click bait!

‪A: So important that you sometimes feel cheap making them! Explicit is key- in the purest form. ‪#AWFchat‬


Q:What’s next for you, Vincent?

‪A: @joshruben‬‬ and I have a co called ‪@jv_films‬! We’re working on a pilot for ‪@ComedyCentral‬- VERY excited about it!!! ‪#AWFchat‬


Thank you to everyone  who joined us. For more insights from Vincent’s chat check out #awfchat. For our next chat we’ll be talking to La’Teecha Davis, Digital Marketing Manager at TBS. This will be a great chat for creators looking for insights on how to market their content.

See you there!