#AWFCHAT with TBS Digital Marketing Manager La’Teecha Davis

#AWFCHAT with TBS Digital Marketing Manager La’Teecha Davis

Written by: Catherine Satcher

Hopefully you were able to join us for our latest Tweet Chat on September 9th,  where we caught up with La’Teecha Davis, Digital Marketing Manager at TBS. La’Teecha’s team is responsible for promoting unscripted programming as well as late night and animation. Shows that La’Teecha has worked on include King of the Nerds, starring Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong and Deal With It starring Howie Mandel. Her team is currently preparing for the launch of the animated series American Dad, premiering next month.

La’Teecha kicked her career off working in media buying and planning before she decided to venture into marketing. La’Teecha shared with us that her career has been split between three different areas (Sales, Agency, Brand), making her the whole package.


Digital Marketing Defined by La’Teecha

- ”First off I will say that ‪#digitalmarketing is changing ALL THE TIME. Even as I type this tweet”

- “I think of ‪#digit’l marketing as any ‪#digital medium used 2 sell/ promote a product. Email mktg, blogs, Twitter, etc”


How do they do it over at TBS?

Q: How does ‪@tbsveryfunny collaborate with digital content creators to produce branded content?

A: “We work w/ video ent companies like Open Slate & Maker Studios to find digital influencers/outlets 2 create content. These companies help us find people to create compelling content for their audience & also get our message across. We never want the branded content to feel branded. It should feel organic.”


La’Teecha’s Marketing Essentials for Web Series Creators

Q: So, what advice would you give to web series creators when it comes to ‪#marketing their ‪#content? ‪#AWFChat

A: 1.) Be Authentic and true to your brand

2.) Be engaged/build community

3.)Promote across social

4.) Be consistent – good ex. ‪@BlackandSexyTV they have a posting schedule so viewers know when to expect new eps

5.) Make sure your ‪#content is optimized for mobile

6.) Ask people to share your series


Q: Do you believe integrated marketing communication is vital today and in the field of web series marketing as well? ‪#awfchat

A: Most definitely! You should strive 2 create a holistic mktg approach that has a varied mix of media to hit your audience ‪#AWFchat

Q: How soon should a ‪#webseries or content creators think about developing a marketing plan? ‪#AWFChat

A: I would say at least have a 3mth content calendar in place for marketing your series


Top Takeaways from La’Teecha’s Tweet Chat

‪1. “#digitalcontent creators should check out joining companies that can connect them 2 brands & create branded content

2. “Most important tip in marketing to remember: HAVE FUN!”

What could’ve been the best tip of all.. drum roll…

3. “BTW Im super excited a/b the upcoming festival. If you’re a webseries creator you NEED to get your series submitted to ‪@ATLWEBFEST


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