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Ruby Skye PI

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In 2010, when I set out to make Ruby Skye P.I., a web series about a teenage detective, I had no idea I was joining a community of inspiring and supportive creators.  But there is no community quite like the web series world and I am thrilled that Atlanta Web Fest is going to host us for three days this October.

It is exciting and flattering to have your show become an official selection.  And yes, I hope lots of people will come to the screeningSaturday at 5:45 pm and get their first taste of Ruby Skye P.I.  We’re screening an episode from our second season, The Haunted Library, which has a lot of cool interactive components.

And yes, yes, yes, I do have my fingers crossed that we’ll win an award.

But truly, the best part of every web fest is the people.  And Atl WebFest has a seriously wonderful lineup of shows and I certainly hope lots of the creators will be in attendance.

There is so much to learn in the web series world.  There are so much potential for collaboration, so much desire to reach beyond borders and silos and work together to build this new industry.  So much new work to discover.  And so many reasons to celebrate – from our early successes to our creative freedom.  Alt WebFest brings the creator community together this October and lets us do all of that.

With great panels and keynotes, a fantastic list of web series and an awards show at the Microsoft Store (!), the festival is looking like one of the coolest around.  That’s why I am so happy that our series is going to Atlanta.

Best of luck to all the official selections.  And many thanks to the festival organizers.

And do not forget to check out Ruby Skye P.I., the funniest, interactive detective series on the web, or at the Atlanta Web Fest Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am.


Jill Golick